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Different spas models :

• The 880 : « Excellence ». The elegance and luxury of advanced technology.
• The 780 : « Tradition ». The tradition combined with modern design and structure.
• The 680 « Standard » . The Sundance quality faithful to care comfort.

« The benefits of hydrotherapy »

ESPASS d’O, exclusive distributor of Sundance spas in the Var department offers a wide selection of spas and provides their installation and technical assistance. Enjoy the spa experience at home by creating your own atmosphere in a landscaped area and enjoy the relaxing and healing virtues of hydrotherapy. Life today is very often a source of stress which then causes physical and nervous tiredness;that's why many of us are trying to make up for those pressures by preserving our body and mind. North Americans use for decades the benefits of spas also called jaccuzzi. Indeed,spa is recognized as a great source of benefits through a combination of three factors:heat,water and massages. Water is undoubtedly the best way to eliminate stress,to regain a feeling of general well-being and to soothe our mind.Heat provides a therapeutic effect by stimulating blood circulation as well as Endorphin production which help us to regain serenity and balance.Massages can relax muscles, nerves and joints and promote oxygenation of the muscles and removal of toxins. They reduce or even eliminate the pain of sensitive areas such as the neck, back, legs. The spa has become an essential tool to unwind and preserve you from stress.

Sundance is a reference concerning luxury spas and secures you high quality massages for a well-being you've never known before.

The spas are available in various colors in order to blend with your environment and lifestyle.

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